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The return of the Treaty Guardians?

How the EU can solve its enforcement conundrum

May 18, 2022 (12.00-13.45 CET)

While the EU is skilled at adopting new legislation, enforcing that legislation does not receive the highest political priority across the EU institutions and the Member States. The Commission’s use of infringement procedures is one of the key tools to ensure the enforcement of EU law. Where EU level enforcement tools are not fully exploited, Member States may in turn not be incentivised to prioritise the implementation of EU law. This risks the disintegration of the EU legal order. If the EU wants to secure the rule of law for its citizens, it urgently needs to rethink its enforcement strategy. How can we ensure that enforcement once more takes the centre stage of the EU institutions’ work?

This webinar will therefore provide an online discussion between researchers, Members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and civil society, exploring the possible avenues of action.



12.00  Welcome and introduction - Sophie in ‘t Veld, MEP of Renew Europe


12.05  Key note speech by Elisabeth Werner, Deputy Secretary-General of the European Commission


12.12  Panel discussion moderated by Sophie in ‘t Veld

  • R. Daniel Kelemen, Professor of Political Science and Law at Rutgers University
  • Tommaso Pavone (tbc), Assistant Professor of Law and Politics at University of Arizona
  • Jakub Jaraczewski, Research Coordinator at Democracy Reporting Internationa


12.25  Open discussion with participants


12.45  Case study 1: Enforcement in the case of Hungary

  • Márta Pardavi, Co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee


12.55  Case study 2: Free Movement of Same-Sex Spouses within the EU

  • Adrian Coman and Clai Hamilton, litigants in the Coman Case


13.05  Open discussion with participants 


13.35  Closing remarks by Sophie in ‘t Veld


13.45  End