28 nov 18
28 nov 18
Privacy Platform: Pay to pry: will a price tag be a disincentive for excessive data use?

Today from 13:00-14:30, Sophie in 't Veld moderates the next European Parliament Privacy Platform, as part of the IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress. 

You can watch the recorded video of the session here.


The theme of the panel discussion is "Pay to pry": will a price tag be a disincentive for excessive data use? We are all little cash cows. Our personal data are worth a lot of money for companies harvesting and selling our data, for example to advertising companies. We are told that the services provided by social networks and search engines are free, but they are not: we pay by giving our personal data. Is monetising personal data the solution for excessive data use? Will taxation on the basis of data use influence the behaviour of companies, just as taxation is used for example to reduce consumption or pollution? "Pay to pry", in analogy to "the pollutor pays"? Will users make different choices if they get a certain monetary value for giving their data? This Privacy Platform explores the possibility of monetising data as solution for the current data use practices by companies.


13h00    Welcome by Sophie in ’t Veld MEP

13h10   Introductory speeches by the panellists

13h40   Q&A interaction


Isabella de Michelis
CEO & Founder of ErnieApp

Frederik Borgesius
Researcher at the LSTS Research Group on Law Science Technology & Society, Vrije Universiteit Brussel