24 apr 20
24 apr 20
Webinar COVID19 Apps: Tracing the virus should not mean tracking citizens

Renew Europe MEPs hosted a public webinar on the 24th of April to discuss with a range of public and private sector experts about the potential implications of mass deployment of contact tracing mobile applications to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. Panellists from the World Health Organisation, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and various privacy platforms debated with representatives of the biggest tech companies about the different models, the healthcare implications, as well as the issues they raise regarding privacy, transparency, civil rights and cyber security. (Watch the webinar on our on demand player)

The Renew Europe Group will adopt a series of policy recommendations on the way forward.  

Sophie in 't Veld MEP (LIBE) summed up today's discussions:

"The corona crisis has given a strong push to the search for new technologies as tools to help us fight a pandemic. We are embarking on a new, exciting road. But there are many questions about necessity and privacy related issues and we need full transparency in order to make the right choices for the future. The cross-fertilisation of expertise in public health and epidemiology, IT and technology, data protection and civil liberties in the Renew Europe webinar was extremely fruitful.