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The EU needs a common approach to asylum, not border walls

Response to Parliamentary address by Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for refugees

In 1951, after experiencing war and destruction, the European nations signed on to the UN refugee convention, promising a safe home to all in need. Now, seventy years later, European 'leaders' have forgotten all about their European and christian values: they are talking about building border walls and paying militias to do their dirty work, instead of taking responsibility and agreeing to a Common EU Asylum and Migration Policy. Instead of helping refugees, they are busily turning Europe into a gated community.

Let's not forget: the vast majority of refugees are not in Europe, they are elsewhere. Countries like Jordan and Lebanon are hosting 1.7 millions of migrants, that accounts to almost a quarter of their total population. It is unacceptable that our Union of 450 millions cannot provide a common strategy to shelter the thousands of migrants caught at the EU-Belarusian border.